Methods of atomic spectral and mass-spectral analysis

Mail address: 198504, Russia, Saint Petersburg, Peterhof, Universitetsky pr, 26, Institute of Chemistry, Department of Analytical Chemistry
Laboratory №: 3095, 3121, 3123, 3136

Group members:
Nikolay Solovyev, associate prof., PhD

СавиновSergey Savinov, senior lecturer, PhD

ГубальAnna Gubal, junior researcher, PhD

Students and PhD-students:

Nikolay Zverkov, master student, 1 year
Aleksandr Kononov, specialist student, 5 year
Aleksandr Razzhivin, bachelor student, 4 year
Vladimir Dolbich, bachelor student, 4 year
Ilya Gorbunov, bachelor student, 4 year

Area of research:
development of atomic emission and atomic absorption spectral methods of analysis, expansion of its usage,
optimization of digital recording with pfotodiode linear detectors,
development of techniques of analysis of different liquid and solid samples,
determination of microelements in biological fluids and tissues, natural and food substances, cosmetic products
the study of transport and metabolism of minerals, as well as their role in the etiology and pathogenesis of various diseases,
metalodrugs research, including pharmacokinetics, efficacy testing,
metallomics and metabolomics


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Graduated students:

Artur Batullin (2016, specialist) “Arc emission spectral analysis of fish tissues with preliminary digestion”
Nilolay Zverkov (2016, bachelor) “Arc atomic emission digital spectrographic analysis of viscous organic liquids”
Kristina Ostafeychuk (2016, specialist) “Development of the technique of arc emission spectral multielement analysis of manganese ores and nodules”
Anton Anisimov (2015, specialist) “Influence of sampling and sample preparation on results of spectral determination of trace elements content of saliva”
Aleksandra Timofeeva (2015, specialist) “Arc atomic emission digital spectrographic analysis of lipstick”
Anna Titova (2015, specialist) “Arc atomic emission digital spectrographic determination of trace elements in vine”
Rinata Budalyaeva (2014, specialist) “Atomic emission digital spectrographic analysis of nails”
Tatyana Timofeeva (2014, specialist) “Atomic emission digital spectrographic analysis of cosmetic shadows on heavy metals content”