Automation of chemical analysis based on flow methods

Mail address: 198504, Russia, Saint Petersburg, Peterhof, Universitetsky pr, 26, Institute of Chemistry, Department of Analytical Chemistry
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БулатовAndrey Bulatov, Prof., Dr. Sci., Prof. of Russian Academy of Sciencesv

ВахChristina Vakh, Assistant Prof., Ph.D.

ТимофееваIrina Timofeeva, Associate Prof., Ph.D.

ШишовAndrey Shishov, Assistant Prof. Ph.D.

Palina Davletbaeva
Alexey Pochivalov
Marseille Aboud
Daria Nechayeva
Ivan Trufanov
Daria Kanashina

Area of research:
development and application of automated and miniaturized sample preparation procedures based on microextraction and membrane methods for HPLC, UV-Vis, chemiluminescent and spectrofluorimetric analysis

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Collaboration with Russian and international groups:
• Dr. V. Andruch, Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice, Slovakia
• Dr. T. Imato, Kyushu University, Japan
• Dr. S.Y. Garmonov, Department of Analytical Chemistry, Kazan National Research Technological University
• Dr. S. Koronkiewicz, Dr. S. Kalinowski, University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Poland