Anna Gubal

Junior Researcher, Ph.D. (Chem.)

Mail address: 198504, Russia, Saint Petersburg, Peterhof, Universitetsky pr, 26, Institute of Chemistry, Department of Analytical Chemistry
Laboratory №:
 3003, 3072
Phone: +79523646518
ResearcherID H-2877-2013
AuthorID 54891976300
SPIN 79273379,
ORCID 0000-0003-3790-7311

 Scientific-and-educational group:
methods of atomic spectral and mass-spectral analysis

Area of research:
mass spectrometry, chromatography, gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, atomic spectrometry, “e-nose”, multisensor systems, metallomics and metabolomics

Scientific achievements:
Development of the pulsed glow discharge time-of-flight mass spectrometry with combined hollow cathode ion source.
Methodological work in direct elemental and isotopic analysis of solid dielectric materials with pulsed glow discharge time-of-flight mass spectrometry.
Participant of «Analytical Glow Discharge Network» (Marie Curie Actions, European Union), 2007-2011.

Main results of applied work:
Participation in the development of the Lumas-30 glow discharge time-of-flight mass spectrometer

Educational job:

1. Combined hollow cathode vs. Grimm cell: semiconductive and nonconductive samples / A. Gubal, A. Ganeev, V. Hoffmann, M. Voronov, V. Brackmann and S. Oswald // J. Anal. At. Spectrom. – 2017. – DOI: 10.1039/C6JA00324A.
2. Modified and unmodified low-cost iron-coating solid wastes as adsorbents for efficient removal of As(III) and As(V) from mine water / E. Iakovleva, P. Maydannik, T.V. Ivanova, M. Sillanpää, W.Z. Tang, E. Mäkilä, J. Salonen, A. Gubal, A.A. Ganeev, K. Kamwilaisak, S. Wan // Journal of Cleaner Production. – 2016.- V.133. – 1095-1104.
3. Direct determination of Uranium and Thorium in minerals by time-of-flight mass spectrometry with pulsed glow discharge / A. Ganeev, O. Bogdanova, I. Ivanov, B. Burakov, N. Agafonova, B. Korotetski, A. Gubal, N. Solovyev, E. Iakovleva and M. Sillanpaa // RSC Advances. – 2015. – V. 5. – pp. 80901-80910.
4. Mass spectrometric methods for direct elemental and isotopic analysis of solid materials / A.A. Ganeev, A.R. Gubal, S.V. Potapov, N.N. Agafonova, V.M. Nemets // Russ Chem Rev. – 2016. – V. 85, №4. – pp. 427–444.
5. Elimination of water interference in pulsed glow discharge time-of-flight mass spectrometry / A. A. Ganeev, A. R. Gubal, S. V. Potapov, S. E. Pogarev, S. E. Sholupov, K. N. Uskov, and I. S. Ivanov // Journal of Analytical Chemistry. – 2013. – V. 68, №14. – pp.1205-1211.
6. Analytical glow discharge mass spectrometry / A. A. Ganeev, A. R. Gubal, K. N. Uskov, and S. V. Potapov // Russian Chemical Bulletin. International Edition. – 2012. – V. 61, №4. – pp. 752-767.
7. Lumas-30 time-of-flight mass spectrometer with pulsed glow discharge for direct determination of nitrogen in steel / A. Ganeev, A. Gubal, V. Mosichev, N. Pershin, S. Petrov, S. Potapov and K. Uskov. // Journal of Analytical Chemistry. – 2011. – V. 66, №14. – pp.1411-1416.
8. Time-of-flight mass spectrometry with pulsed gas-discharge ionization: Study of relative sensitivities of components / A. A. Ganeev, A. R. Gubal, S. V. Potapov, and R. V. Tyukal’tsev // Journal of Analytical Chemistry. – 2009. – V. 64, №7. – 696-704.

Public and organizing activity:
member of Russian Society for Mass Spectrometry
International Natural Sciences Tournament, extramural round expert