Vitaly Nikonorov

Associate Prof., Dr. Sci. (Chem.)

Mail address: 198504, Russia, Saint Petersburg, Peterhof, Universitetsky pr, 26, Institute of Chemistry, Department of Analytical Chemistry
Laboratory №:
ResearcherID G-7497-2015
AuthorID 6603608799
SPIN 6301-7919
ORCID 0000-0002-1189-6784

Scientific-and-educational group:
separation methods and Hy-Phenated methods of analysis

Area of research:
capillary electrophoresis, HPLC, synthesis of chemically modified silica and organic reagents, analysis of environmental objects and foods

Main results of applied work:
the methods for determination of nitrite, nitrate and sulfite ions in natural and waste waters, the photometric methods for determination of nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide in the air with chromatomembrane concentration, the photometric method for determination of vanadium in natural waters with extraction concentration, the capillary electrophoresis methods for determination of silicon in plant material and lanthanides in soils and natural waters were developed. New methods of synthesis of cation-exchange silica-based sorbents for HPLC and numerous reagents for photometric determination of metals.

Educational job:

  • Teaching courses:
    “Analytical chemistry I” (bachelor’s program “Chemistry”, 2 year)
    “Analytical chemistry II” (bachelor’s program “Chemistry”, 2 year)
  • Published books (chapters in books), manuals, workbooks:
    Manual «Analytical Chemistry. Practic guide” for 1th year students of non-chemical specialization / I.Yu. Andreeva, I.D. Kuchumova, T.G. Nikitina, N.M. Yakimova, O.V. Rodinkov, V.V. Nikonorov. St.-Petersburg. 2016.
    Manual «Analysis of natural and industrial samples» for 2th year MSC of Institute of Chemistry of St.-Petersburg State University. / N. I. Slesar’, V.V. Nikonorov, T.G. Nikitina. St.-Petersburg. 2016.
    Reference book on Analytical chemistry./ I.D. Kuchumova, N.M. Yakimova, A.E. Zeimal, V.V. Nikonorov. St.-Petersburg. 2016.

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