Methods of mass-spectral analysis

Mail address: 198504, Russia, Saint Petersburg, Peterhof, Universitetsky pr, 26, Institute of Chemistry, Department of Analytical Chemistry
Laboratory №: 3095, 3096

Group members:
Nikolay Solovyev, associate prof., PhD

Anna Gubal, junior researcher, PhD

Yaroslav Dubrovskii, researcher, PhD

Students and PhD-students:

Victoria Bodnar, PhD student, 1 year
Ilya Gorbunov, master student, 1 year
Lyalkin Yegor, bachelor student, 3 year

Area of research:
Research and development in inorganic mass spectrometry
Speciation analysis, metallomics and metabolomics
Proteomics, metalloproteomics and protein post-translational modification
Determination of trace elements in biological fluids and tissues, environmental objects and foodstuffs
Bioanalytical chemistry and biomarkers


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