Mariia Dmitrenko


Assistant Prof.

Mail address: 198504, Russia, Saint Petersburg, Peterhof, Universitetsky pr, 26, Institute of Chemistry, Department of Analytical Chemistry
Laboratory №:
2081, 2085
ResearcherID I-8143-2014
AuthorID 56156300400
SPIN 1786-8094
ORCID 0000-0002-6560-5946

Scientific-and-educational group:
electrochemical methods of analysis and membrane separation

Area of research:
Polymer membranes, nanocomposites, pervaporation, ultrafiltration, gas separation, nanofiltration, thermodynamics and kinetics of nonequilibrium processes, layer by layer, bulk modification, surface modification, mixed matrix membranes

Educational job:

  • Published books (chapters in books), manuals, workbooks:Penkova A.V., Pulyalina A.Y., Dimitrenko M.E., Toikka A.M. Methodical instructions to laboratory works “Membrane and catalyst systems.” Methodical manual for students of St. Petersburg State University, Institute of Chemistry. St. Petersburg 2014, 22 p.


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Scholarships and grants:

1) 2014-2016 – grant from the Bortnik Foundation “UMNIK” (contract No. 3849GU1/2014 and No. 10660GU2/2015) “Development and study of the properties of novel nanocomposite membranes based on polyvinyl alcohol”;
2) 2014-2018  – grants from St. Petersburg State University for internship in the laboratory of Lorraine University, Nancy (France) under the leadership of the director of the membrane group Denis Roizard;
3) 2019-2021 – grant of the Russian Science Foundation №19-73-00105 “Development of novel mixed matrix membranes for the development of an environmentally friendly and resource-saving pervaporation process”;
4) 2017-2020 – grant of the Russian Science Foundation №17-73-20060 “Development of novel mixed matrix membranes for highly efficient, environmentally friendly and resource-saving separation of liquid mixtures” (main performer);
5) 2020-2023 – grant of the Russian Science Foundation №20-79-10064 “Development of new mixed matrix membranes based on cellulose derivatives for highly efficient, environmentally friendly and resource-saving membrane separation of liquid mixtures and the creation of catalytic membrane reactors” (main performer).

Public and organizing activity:

– Assistance in School olympiad in Chemistry of St. Petersburg State University and International Conferences “Mendeleev ” (St. Petersburg) (2013-2015, 2017, 2019), XXI Mendeleev Congress on General and Applied Chemistry (2019);

– Invited lecture at a seminar organized by the Faculty of Chemistry, University of Delhi and KIRORI MAL College, Delhi, India (26.09.2017);

– Jury member of the VI International Tournament of Natural Sciences (November 11-15, 2015, St. Petersburg), IX International Tournament of Natural Sciences (November 11-21, 2018) (, Conference “Science and Progress” (November 12-14, 2018) (, X International Tournament of Natural Sciences (November 2019) (

Academic and professional awards:

  • diploma for the best poster at VI International Conference on Chemistry “Mendeleev-2012”, Section 4 – Physical Chemistry, St. Petersburg (2012);
  • increased academic stipend of St. Petersburg State University (2013);
  • certificate of Merit for the first place in the competition for the Best Research Poster at Chemistry PhD Conference Institute of Chemistry St. Petersburg State University (2014);
  • the winner in the nomination of a research project in a competition of business ideas, scientific and technical developments and research projects “Young, Daring, Perspectives” (2016) (the competition is held by the Committee on Science and High Education in accordance with the Decree of the Government of St. Petersburg from 30.06.2010 No. 883);
  • the winner of the university award “For Scientific Works” in the category “For the contribution of young researchers to science ” and for the series of works “Transport characteristics and physicochemical properties of polymeric membranes modified with carbon nanoparticles” (December 25, 2017);
  • diploma of laureate for poster presentations at 15 International Youth School-Conference “Magnetic resonance and its application. SPINUS” (April 1-6, 2018, Saint-Petersburg);
  • the winner of subsidies to young scientists, young candidates of science universities, industry and academic institutions located in St. Petersburg (November 26, 2018, diploma of the series PSP №18800);
  • diploma of II degree for the best oral report among young scientists presented at the XIV Scientific Conference (with international participation) “Membranes-2019”, 21-25 October, Sochi (2019).