Dmitry Kirsanov


Prof., Dr. Sci. (Chem.)

Mail address: 198504, Russia, Saint Petersburg, Peterhof, Universitetsky pr, 26, Institute of Chemistry, Department of Analytical Chemistry
ResearcherID: J-7508-2012
AuthorID: 6602535169
ORCID: 0000-0002-5667-6910

Scientific-and-educational group:
applied chemometrics

Area of research:
chemometrics, chemical sensors, multisensor systems, “electronic tongue”

Main results of applied work:
Russian patent RU 2 428 683. Ion-selective sensor membrane composition for detection of cadmium ions. Priority date: 27.05.2010. A. Legin, D. Kirsanov, V. Babain, Z. Smirnova, E. Legin, I. Eliseev, N. Borisova, M. Reshetova, A. Kostin.
Russian patent RU 2 460 066, Composition of membrane for ion-selective electrode. Priority date: 31.05.2011. A. Legin, D. Kirsanov, M. Alyapyshev, V. Babain, Yu. Blinova.
Russian patent RU 2 485 512, Diagnostic Technique For Pathologies Related To Endocrinopathies. Priority date: 11.08.2011. L. Kartsova, E. Ob’edkova, E. Bessonova, D. Kirsanov, L. Velikanova.

Educational job:

  • Teaching courses:
    “Introduction to chemometrics” (master’s program, 1st year)
    “Multivariate data analysis” (PhD program)
  • Published books (chapters in books), manuals, workbooks:
    Promising Analytical Techniques for HLW Analysis (A.V. Legin, D.O. Kirsanov, V.A. Babain, L.N. Gall, N.R. Gall) in “Radioactive Waste: Sources, Types and Management”, Editors: Satoshi Yuan and Wenxu Hidaka, Chapter 3, pp. 77-96, NOVA Science Publishers Inc, Hauppauge NY, USA, 2012, ISBN: 978-1-62100-188-1.
    Developing sensing materials for multisensor systems on the basis of extraction data (D. Kirsanov, V. Babain, A. Legin) in “Multisensor Systems for Chemical Analysis: Materials and Sensors”, Editors: L.Lvova, D. Kirsanov, C. Di Natale, A. Legin, Pan Stanford Publishing Pte. Ltd., Singapore, 2014, Print ISBN: 9789814411158 eBook ISBN: 9789814411165.
    Monitoring of Fermentation and Biotechnological Processes (Rudnitskaya, A., Kirsanov, D., Legin, A.) in “Electronic Noses and Tongues in Food Science”, Editor María Luz Rodríguez Méndez, Chapter 22, pp. 225-233, Elsevier Inc., Amsterdam, 2016, ISBN: 978-0-12-800243-8
  • Scientific supervision and co-supervision of 3 PhD, 4 masters, 4 bachelors, 8 cpecialists


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Public and organizing activity:
Expert at Russian Scientific Fund
Expert at Russian Academy of Science

Academic and professional awards:
2013 Invited professor at University Lille 1 (France)
2013 Excellence in Reviewing Certificate from Sensors And Actuators B: Chemical (Elsevier)
2015 Best young scientist award at CAC-2015 (Chemometrics in Analytical Chemistry) conference
2017 Invited lecturer at “Use Of Biosensors For Food Safety And Quality Control” school, Zaragoza, Spain