Oleg Rodinkov


Prof., Dr. Sci. (Chem.)

Mail address: 198504, Russia, Saint Petersburg, Peterhof, Universitetsky pr, 26, Institute of Chemistry, Department of Analytical Chemistry
Laboratory №:
 3003, 3072
Phone: +7-812-428-94-24; +7-812-428-93-49.
e-mail: rodinkov@rambler.ruo.rodinkov@spbu.ru
Researcher ID K-3710-2013
Author ID 6701740278
SPIN 8197-3460
ORCID ID 0000-0001-7071-8171

Scientific-and-educational group:
separation methods and Hy-Phenated methods of analysis

Area of research:
gas and liquid chromatography; chromatomembrane masstransfer processes (gas extraction and liquid absorption); laws of dynamic sorption; compositional surface-layered sorbents; determination of trace organic pollutants in the environment, metrology of chemical analysis

Scientific achievements:
• Methodological bases not previously known chromatographic processes with stationary phase gas – liquid-gas and liquid-gas-solid chromatography.
• An explanation of the retention mechanism of volatile organic compounds from aqueous solutions on hydrophobic sorbents from the standpoint of a liquid-gas adsorption chromatography process.
• propose a physic-chemical model and an adequate mathematical description of stationary and transient modes chromatomembrane mass transfer processes in the system liquid – gas (gas extraction and liquid absorption).
• Highly effective surface ply sorbents and chromatomembrane matrix on the basis of porous PTFE and different sorption-active materials and the basic regularities of the retention of such substances on sorbents.
• super polar stationary phases for gas chromatography based on transition metal salts.

Main results of applied work:
-development and implementation of the certification method for measuring the mass concentration of common pollutants in natural waters for marine environmental systems ;
– development chromatomembrane deep water treatment technology of high purity from dissolved oxygen to the water treatment system of stand complex of nuclear power plants;
– development of methodical bases chromatomembrane generating of standard gas mixtures on conventional and composite matrices.

  • Rodinkov O.V., Zhuravleva G.A., Bugaychenko A.S., Moskvin L.N. Russian patent for the invention № 2564344. The method of preparation of the sorbent for concentration of vapors of polar organic compounds. 2015.
  • Moskvin L.N., Rodinkov O.V., Moskvin A.L. Russian patent for utility model № 92360. The device for mass transfer. 2011.
  • Moskvin L.N., Rodinkov O.V., Moskvin A,L., Grigoriev G.L., Melnichenko A.N. Russian patent for the invention № 2392038. The device for mass transfer between liquid and gas phases. 2010.
  • Moskvin L.N., Rodinkov O.V., Grigoriev G.L. Russian patent for utility model № 82577. Device for deep and continuous water purification, high-purity from dissolved oxygen. 2009.

Educational job:

  • Teaching courses:
    “Basics of chromatographic analysis methods” (bachelor’s program “Chemistry”, 4 year)
    “Capillary gas chromatography” (bachelor’s program “Chemistry”, 4 year)
    “Metrology of chemical analysis” (master’s program “Chemistry”, 1 year)
    “Modern trends in analytical chromatography” (master’s program “Chemistry”, 1 year)
    “Separation methods and hybrid methods of analysis” (master’s program “Chemistry”, 1 year)
    “Methods of concentration at the analysis of liquid and gaseous media” (PhD’s program “Chemistry”, 1 year)
    “Metrology of physical and chemical measurements and chemical analyzer” (PhD’s program “Chemistry”, 1 year)
    “Equipment and chromatographic analysis of the practice” (center of additional educational programs)
  • Published books (chapters in books), manuals, workbooks:
    Analytical Chemistry in 3 volumes, ed. prof. LN Moskvin. “Academia” Publishing Center. 2008, 2010. O.V. Rodinkov written several chapters in the second and third volume of this textbook.
    L.N. Moskvin, O.V. Rodinkov. Methods of separation and concentration in Analytical Chemistry. “Intellect” Publishing House. 2012. 352 p. (textbook).
    O.V. Rodinkov, N.A. Bokach, A.V. Bulatov. Metrology of physical and chemical measurement and chemical analysis. SPb. VVM. 2010. 133 p. (tutorial).
    Moskvin L.N., Rodinkov O.V. Chromatomembrane methods of separating substances. Publisher St. Petersburg State University. 2014. 216 p.
    Rodinkov O.V., Moskvin L.N. New methods of separating substances. Liquid-gas chromatography and mass transfer chromatomembrane processes in liquid – gas system. Lambert Acdemic Publishing. 2012. 296 p.
  • Scientific supervision and co-supervision of 6 PhD, 5 masters, 6 bachelors, 25 specialists




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Scholarships and grants:
1994-1995, continuous liquid-gas chromatography, RFBR Grant 94-03-08138a.
1996-1998, liquid-gas-solid chromatography, RFBR Grant 96-03-32445a.
2006-2008, Composite block sorbents for the rapid concentration of organic substances, RFBR Grant 06-03-32277a.
2009-2011, surface-layered sorbents for the rapid preconcentration of microcomponents in the analysis of gaseous media, RFBR Grant 09-03-00124a.
2012-2014, strongly polar stationary phases based on transition metal salts to concentrate and gas chromatographic separation, Grant RFBR 12-03-00640a.

Public and organizing activity:
Member of the RAS Scientific Council on Analytical Chemistry, a member of the Dissertation Council D 212.232.37 at St. Petersburg State University, a member of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Chemistry of St. Petersburg State University, a member of educational-methodical commission of the Institute of Chemistry of St. Petersburg State University.

Academic and professional awards:
Medal of the Order “For Services to the Motherland» II degree, 2001
Medal “In Commemoration of the 300th Anniversary of Saint Petersburg”, 2003